• Hello guys,

    Quick question. I changed the DWORD value of physical pages on KUKA KRC2 to free up memory space on the robot, so I can create more programs. I cant delete the ones that I already have. I Putted 8000 on the value data.

    There is a limited that I can put? 8000 may be demanding too much of the HD to make the system slow?

    Thank you!

  • It's not the HD, it's the RAM. KUKAs run by loading every program file for the robot into a RAM drive during boot, then they run off the RAM drive, with periodic writes to the HD to keep the permanent storage updated.

    Tampering with that setting can work, but can also create system instability. The hard limit is related to your physical RAM, but I don't recall the limit offhand. Windows and VxWorks still have to have enough RAM to run it.

    Changing that setting can help you take advantage of extra RAM, if you increase the physical RAM, but the motherboard has a hard limit on how much RAM you can add (varies by KRC generation). And just using "consumer grade" RAM is a crapshoot -- Windows will take off-the-shelf Corsair or Kingston RAM, but VxWorks has much tighter timing constraints, which is why KUKA-sourced RAM is so much more expensive: it's guaranteed to support VxWorks hard-realtime requirements.

  • Gabigol

    There is a limited that I can put?

    There is a description for that max limits and I could not find a max of 8000!

    About which KSS Version you are talking about anyway?

    You also may change A_PAGES, O_PAGES and vxwin ram size

    This is the best way to make your system not running anymore.


    Do you really need to do that?

    Do you need all the programs in memory (make an Archive with all the programs you have)

    After that delete the programs you do not need for the moment

    (my experience: only 10% of the programs are really needed)

    What you are doing is like playing roulette (you may win, but you definitely will loose)

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