NX100 - HP20 with DKE 22/15 positioner table

  • Dear all,

    I have a NX100 with a HP20 Yaskawa in combination with a DKE 22/15 turning table.

    If I open a safetysignal (saff1 and saff2) the robot stops as it should aswell as the welding post and the turning table.

    Is there a way to disconnect the two so that the robot can keep welding but the turning table is beeïng blocked by a safety signal?

    With kind regards,


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  • The SAFF inputs are the safety gate. When the gates are open you don't want people walking in and standing next to a robot running at speed.

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

  • Hi, The positioner will be made into two workplaces with a metal wall on it so the robot is on the other side. But I still don't want the positioner to move so I have to keep it safe sepperatly :)

    With kind regards

  • I see :) could you explain this a bit more cause I was thinking about putting a sensor on the wall asswell as a safety switch outside the cage that cuts the power to the positioner, or will the robot stop working aswell if they are in the same program?

    With kind regards.

  • create the interference area where the fixture is, and use it in the logic to turn the table. The robot has to be out of the interference area in order to move the table.

    Of course, on the other side of the table, you need the light courtains in order to let it safe for the operator.

  • Hi,

    Thank you very much for your reply's.

    Maybe I'm confused or maybe I didn't explain it very well :D

    The problem is the following:

    I've got the robot on one side of the turning table. He is welding a piece.

    (If an operator opens a door the robot and everything else stops as it should.)

    While the robot is welding at his side, an operator is loading pieces for the next job.

    To do this, one door on the "safe" side of the turning table has an overwright switch so the operator can

    enter this side to load the pieces. (The robot is in the other seperated part of the cell)

    When the robot is finished his welding it will go to a safe position and the turning table will

    switch sides. However I don't want the table to automatically turn if I'm not sure the operator

    is out of the way.

    I could fix this by making him to give a signal to the robot that he is safe true a switch that goes to an input. The table may only turn when the input is high for example.

    But if I use this way then I'm "building" a safety true a program.

    This means that if the program is adjusted by an operator, the safety could be simply deleted.

    Is there a connection that I can use similar to SAFF1 and SAFF2 (which is used for the intire installation beeing robot and turning table) specific to only interact with the turning table?

    I hope this makes any sence :D

    With kind regards.

  • Sounds like a standard/common cell with an A side/B side positioner.

    Interference areas like ljuba mentioned can be used to protect the robot from colliding with the positioner.

    Protecting a person from the positioner could be done with an area scanner, floor mat, light curtain, etc.

    The SAFF inputs are used for a gate/door. They are not active when in teach mode, only in play.

    Is the positioner servo controlled by a robot job or rotated with I/O in a robot job?

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

  • exactly as 95devils said, on the side where operator is taking/putting the parts you can't have door. It has to be other kind os safety device. And it is more to protect the operator from the table it self.

    That safety device would stop the robot only if the table is turning and the safety circuit interrupted.

    As 95devils said you can use scanners, light courtains....

  • Hi and thanks again for the reply,

    That is my point, we want to protect the operator from the table.

    I'm not working alone on this, so if they want to put a door there that's fine by me.

    But since I don't find that a safe solution (he closes it when he's in there for example) I don't want to relly

    on that.

    The positioner is controlled true a job.

    So I was thinking of deconnecting the power suply to its engine by a switch, which the operator

    has to turn on outside of the cell (so away from everything dangerous).

    Then connect this to an I/o input so that if the program comes to the part of turning the table it first checks the input and it keeps doing that in a loop untill it is clear.

    But I'm not sure that the program will start to begin with because I'm not sure if the program notices that I've cut the power of the engine (from the table) at the start of the program so it will give me a message like "can't run program because of external powerloss) or something.

    With kind regards.

  • I don't know where is the installation of the cell. And if customer will request the certification of the safety. However, on my opinion, you should have some safety device, area scanner or light courtains. Ideally you should have safety plc. So you can do the logic with table turning and safety device to stop the cell, otherwise connecting safety device directly to cell will stop the robot every time the safety device is activated.

    I'm pretty sure that disconnecting the power from the motor would generate an alarm.

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