nx100 - hp20 with torch collision detect RT KS - 1

  • Dear All,

    I have a HP20 with NX100 connected to that is an esab 5000i true an w82 unit (profibus).

    Further on I have a robofeed 3004w and a torch collision detector RT KS - 1.

    I think that when the collision dettection is activated, it has to interact with pin 3 and 4 from CN07 AE2.

    To do so I have a relais but i need to make that switch with the signal from the collision detector.

    So pin 3 and 4 are connected to the relais aswell as B16 (0V)

    However I need an output that connects with the collision detector to finish of the circuit.

    I noticed that when I move the collision detector manually, Universal input #54 reacts to it.

    How can I get input #54 to switch my relais?

    Hope this makes any sence :smiling_face:

    With kind regards,


    This is what i do, that doesn't mean it's the right way to do it. :smiling_face:

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  • CIO is not something simple that can be explained in an email or post. CIO is an open architecture PLC in an octal system. Anything connected to the robot is an external input or output. Anything in the robot is either universal input/output or specific inputs/outputs.

    Input 54 will have an internal address of #00075 You need to map this to an external output (the address will start with a 3). You will need to know what address you want to map this to. After you have this you need to find the address in the CIO and make sure it's not in a group. If it's in a group you need to unpack the group to be able to edit the bit.

    Do you see what I mean by this is complicated?


  • Hi there,

    Thanks alot, we were able to look some stuff up and solve the issue.

    It was as you said it is.

    Thank you for you're help

    This is what i do, that doesn't mean it's the right way to do it. :smiling_face:

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