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  • I am creating a DCS zone around my tool but have a problem. For whatever reason our engineer offset the plate that mounts to J6 by 22.5 degrees. So when i put J6 at 0 degrees the tool is actually at 22.5 degrees. I created a box around my tool but there is no option to offset about J6. When i look at the the DCS zone around my tool it by default wants to match where J6 is at. Any ideas how to correct this?

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  • I already had that tool frame taught with 22.5 degrees. I linked my User model to my DCS Cartesian Check under Target Model. Now when i go back to my User Model and try to change item 4 to 1 (tool frame 1) it says "unregistered tool frame".

    I tried going to my tool frame under DCS and tried entering 1 under Tool Select and it gave me the same message

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