S-52+ Controller not booting up

  • Hello,

    I am having trouble getting an S-52+ controller to boot up.

    On power up, it will run through the startup on the TP, but the freezes on before the Kawasaki logo screen. The last line shown on the TP is "Kernel: Loop Forever".

    I have connected to the controller with KCwin32 via a null modem cable, there is no information shown there either. On power up, in KCwin, a dot appears on screen, then once the boot sequence should finish a bunch of blank lines are pushed and I am not able to input anything into the command prompt.

    So far I have:

    -Replaced the 1RA board with a brand new one (three times)

    -used the original 1QJ board

    -used a new 1QJ board

    -used the original 1KK board

    -used a new 1KK board

    -removed the 1KK board

    -used four different AS Software versions

    -used three different SV Software versions

    -Replaced the 1SP Board with a brand new one (twice)

    -Replaced the 1QZ Board with a brand new one

    -Replaced the TP

    -Removed the TP

    -Replaced the batteries on the 1QZ board and the encoder

    -Removed all wire harnesses from the controller

    -Probably a couple things I'm forgetting

    Between each change power was cycled but always the same result.

    Except once, it did boot up properly. I disconnected the battery located on the 1RA board (desperate attempt) and the controller did boot up properly. I received all the expected faults, including one saying the battery had low voltage. I was able to clear all the faults except that battery related one, but couldn't Master On the robot in teach. So I powered down, connected the battery, powered back up and it didn't boot up. I re-disconnected the battery and it still will not boot up.

    I'm really at a loss as to what the issue could be, since I've replaced basically everything in the controller and still have the same issue.

    Any help or guidance would greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for the long post.

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  • Welcome to the forum...........:beerchug:

    If this is an S Controller (Toyota Spec), if you are affiliated with Toyota then haven't you already got access to troubleshooting and replacement procedures relative to your controllers on site?

    I'm only asking this, as Toyota Controllers normally have specific replacement and troubleshooting procedures provided by Kawasaki.

    What you're describing is failure of CPU booting up, causing a 'hangup'.

    RS232 port is always on, so in normal CPU operation should at least display some boot up information during boot up.

    If this is not the case (and assuming your cable is correct and all the internal harness is connected), then it would safe to assume the CPU board has an issue on it.

    You have described a lot of things that you have done, and wonder if you could do with backing up a little (maybe involves repeating a couple of things).

    Can you return the original:

    - 1RA

    - 1QJ

    - 1KK

    - Make sure ALL internal harnesses are secure in place and also 1RA and 1NB are firmly locked in place.

    Then carry out a hardware initialization procedure ie dipswitch 1 and 8 On.

    What is the result after this?

    In addition, it may be worth checking the 1RA switches are correct as per the image.

    Check the incoming supplies are correct and balanced (ie no incoming phase missing).

    Check the TP points on the 1RA board to check the AVR is providing correct logic voltages.

    Check 1NN board (if fitted).

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I have installed the original 1RA with 1QJ and 1KK boards and verified the dipswitches are correct.

    There is no change to the boot up, it still hangs before the Logo screen.

    No opportunity to run initialization.

    All the TPs check out within normal ranges, and the incoming supply is all OK as well.

  • Ok

    Set dipswitches 1,3,5,8 to ON and reboot it.

    Also have RS232 cable connected and KCWin opened.

    What happens then:

    1. Screenshot of TP screen.

    2. Screenshot of laptop.

    3. What lamps are on/flashing.

    4. Can you post a previous file save (without compromising company IP).

  • Yes I am with Toyota in Canada.

    I powered up with dipswitches 1,3,5,8 ON.

    The TP and KCwin are both showing

    <<System Download Start>>

    No *_load.cmd file found.

    <<System Download Failed>>

    Note: This is a training robot we have, so local management doesn't want to use our in house support for it.

  • Dipswitch 1 is ON, the rest are off.

    KCwin shows a " · " for about 5 seconds, then the TP beeps, and KCwin scrolls a bunch of empty lines then remains with a blinking cursor. I am unable to type anything in this state.

  • Using the new 1RA and new 1QJ board......This may not work, but worth trying with new boards.

    Attached is zipped folder which contains:

    1. Procedure for ROM Kernel install (it refers to 1KA, but 1RA is same procedure).

    2. TeraTerm software with ROM Kernel file.

    Follow procedure and see if ROM file can be uploaded.

    You need to use CN8 and set dipswitches as per procedure.

  • It had been robbed of a couple parts to keep working robots going. Specifically the 1ST board, the onboard PLC, the teach pendant, and the encoder battery, so it sat powered down for 6 months or so until all the new parts started showing up. Once I got everything back inside and hooked up, it was powered on and failed to boot. I've been picking away at it when I get the chance, trying everything I could think of, over the past 3 months or so until today.

    I'll try that procedure and reply with my results.

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