"Missing expected charakter." - Kawasaki RS007N

  • Hey guys,

    so I got a little problem while programming the movement of the RS007N with RoboDK. First of all JMOVE and even LMOVE commands were working already with to small test programs. But right now when I want to load a new file I always get the message "Missing expected charakter."

    The program looks like this:

    And the strange thing is another programm with nearly the same functions is working:

    The only major difference is the TOOL TRANS and I think there is my mistake but I don't know how to solve it. Even K-Roset is able to repeat the code so at least there it is working.

    Would be great I there is someone who can help.

    Cheers, Dennis

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  • Well if RoboDK is producing incompatible files, then this is an issue for RoboDK and it may be worthwhile posting this in the RoboDK board here:

    RoboDK - Robotforum - Support and discussion community for industrial robots and cobots (robot-forum.com)

    Can you post a screenshot showing what you are doing in order to load the file and also a screen when the error occurs?

    I suspect the problem lies within your file name you are trying to load.

    What is the filename you are trying to load?

  • Thanks for your fast answer. Simply changing the name of the file did it and the program loaded instantly. Name was Stiftfahrt2.pg and I tried to load it via USB1, renamed it to xxxstift for testing purposes since then it worked.

    • Helpful

    Filenames have specific syntax requirements as well as loading via USB.

    This will always be rejected at the start of the load if invalid (ie no other data will be loaded).

    The error that is normally displayed will always include a '^' pointing to where the controller cannot read any further and is normally an indication of where the issue may lie.

    Good to hear you've resolved it and let us know...........and Welcome to the forum........:beerchug:

  • I have a sneaky suspicion that the USB_load command has similar file name restrictions as C,D and D+ controllers where the name can only be 8 chars long and can not start with a number and also no spaces allowed. Even though USB connections are mainly on the newer controllers. I wonder if it has something to do with backwards compatibility?

    I did a quick test doing usb_load on a file name longer than 8 chars and it failed. Less than 8 chars worked fine. On an E-controller doing it through the teach pendant through the AUX menu it doesn't seem to mind what length the file name was.

    FYI the Kawasaki manual for USB_load and USB_save doesn't mention any file name restrictions

  • Just to mix things up a bit....................

    Back in the day (prior to E Controller) when using KRTerm or KCWinTCP, I used to access local drives on my PC (including USB drives) for file saves and file loads when connecting to the controller via ethernet.

    Mainly to provide the client with a copy.

    I would have a client USB stick in my PC and when I had completed everything, I would do a data dump not only to my PC, but to the Clients USB and hand it to them.

    Not sure if this still works, but say my usb drive plugged into the PC was assigned DLA e:

    If I had a sub directory in there called test.

    Then the usual root path would be:


    To save all the controller data from the controller via ethernet directly to the USB Drive would be:

    SAVE e:\test\alldata

    To just save program data would be:

    SAVE/p e:\test\programs

    To just save location data would be:

    SAVE/l e:\test\locations

    To save all data relative to a specific program would be:

    SAVE/p/l/r/s e:\test\pg1 = pg1

    Not sure about todays controllers if this method still works, knowing Kawasaki I would assume so.....

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