Vulnerability Rockwell PLCs

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  • In my opinion, nothing on the market that exposes manufacturing processes to ethernet/network/internet routing will ever be 100% secure.

    But it does create a whole other industry for industrial cyber security police.

    The thing is the cyber police release some details.

    - Now what do you think hackers are going to be doing after reading it.

    - I think sometimes companies like that are risking themselves from potential court action.

    Back in the day, you never had this problem.

    Pretty soon, technology will literally stop the earth from rotating.

    Thanks for sharing massula :top:

  • I've remember being impressed when saw a huge press being accessed from Germany through a dial-up connection in the end of 90s.

    But at that time, there was a totally different situation. The press must be manually connected to the dial-up line every time someone from outside need to access it remotely.

    Nowadays, with big data, industry 4.0 and so on, with complete shop floors connected 24/7, there are a bunch of new challenges, from security standpoint.

    As kwakisaki mentioned, there is a new industry emerging do address these situation, but I'm wondering if the remedy will be worse than disease.

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