robot in linear motion at world coordinates it does not maintain alignment at the tip of the tool

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    A broken gearbox was replaced with a new gearbox.
    after that the axis 6 in the word coordinate does not follow a linear movement, that is, it does not start to rotate.
    it should be straight without moving.
  • Why are you putting your posts in code blocks? This takes more work than posting normally.

    Sounds like you might have the wrong arm model loaded. That, or the wrong ratio gearbox was installed.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

  • only axis 2 gerbox han been changed

    axis 6 is the one that is not following the linear movement in the word coordinate

    today the robot customer informs me thar they have never mastered the robot , I come from factory mastered with the fixture position master method

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