Unknown KI Variable

  • I've been searching the AS manual for a few hours now and I cant figure out where this variable is coming from and how it is setup. Using an existing robot program that uses this variable. I need to understand it so that I can emulate my program to function the same way. Any ideas on what this "KI##" is? It looks to me like it is some sort of group input (Fanuc Term) comparing how many welds have been completed but i dont see where it has been configured to function

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • Use the built in 'Help' function on the Teach Pendant.

    (Most people are unaware of this feature if they never have had product training).

    Make sure you have a program currently selected and a step highlighted.

    Press the KI button to open the KI options.

    Then Press and hold A and then press help/teach speed button.

    This will display a list of KI functions.

    You can use this method for other 'help' topics too.

    They are indeed 'macro's' that are associated with IO conditions.

    Below are screen shots of the process using the built in help function.

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