R-30iA Collision Detect - Monitor within program

  • Hey Gang - R30iA controller running V7.50 HandlingTool. Got a sporadic crash that occurs during an OffSet move, so on recovery (alarm ack and restart from PLC) the robot continues its move with the offset, resulting in repeated crashes.

    I don't think I can replace the offset with defined moves, so I would like to run a 'GoHomeSafe' program on restart if collision detect was the reason for the pause. And I'm hoping for some help for the easiest way to do it.

    I know I've got a DO set to alert the PLC of collision detect, so I could watch that and either set a flag or registry value in BG logic....but that feels really clunky to me.

    There's got to be a slick way to do this I'm not thinking about, right?

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  • You are already having the PLC reset and restart the robot so it should be very easy. Just have the PLC abort the robot and start over (assuming your main program starts by finding it's way home safely) or start the GoHome program directly via macro.

  • If the PLC aborts all programs and then starts you back up you can do a simple check to see if you are home. If you are not home you can create a recovery program to make it home safely. I do not know how clear your path is after a crash to make it back home but it could be as simple as

    PR[X]= Lpos

    PR[X,3]= a specific Z height

    L PR[X]500mm/sec fine

    L PR[54Home]500mm/sec fine

    If it is more difficult you could use registers to know where you are in the program and work your way back through a recovery program.

    For example, if you crash at a pick point set a Register to 1 so you know your location of the crash, or if you are at a place point set that register to 2.

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