Undefined instruction in Roboguide

  • I have this code in existing program:

    22: PR[6,2:ORG]=((PR[40,2:START_1]-R[10:LENGTH]/2)) ;

    Whenever i try to rebuild this program in roboguide and reupload, iam getting "Undefined instruction" on this particular line (column 2nd pos register)

    Iam using v6.31 robot controller.

    Any ideas why?

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Undefined instruction in Robotuige” to “Undefined instruction in Roboguide”.
  • Hi

    Welcome to the robot forum

    That's a very common logic line you wrote, I write those continuously on newer versions

    Create another cell with a newer version , even a V7.4 ad see if it works


    Newer version works indeed.

    I am still required to use v6.31 roboguide project, which is created from v6.31 physical controller backup, and use v7.4 separately to build those pieces of code?

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