Missing dsc options after sw install from reburn

  • Today i installed some new software options from a reburn. It did a firmware upgrade too.

    Afterwards I installed an 'above all backup'.

    Now most of the options in the dsc menu are gone. I only have safe io / safe io connect / save io device / signature number and code number setup.

    I made sure that the dsc.cfg$sys_param is set to 0.

    Am i missing something or did I get an incomplete reburn from fanuc?

  • So try it again.

    Asked because I had similar problems, but not with DCS. Had to load different parameter files one by one and had to load some parameter files not at all, but type the parameters in again manually, because the old one didn't match to the new options.

  • Contacted fanuc. DSC was missing on the reburn...

    Now I have other issues, communication did not restore, dcs did not restore etc.

    I thought this would be a lot easier than setting up a cognex or whatever camera for robot guidance, I guess I was wrong :face_with_rolling_eyes:

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