kuka krc2 information and harting x11 plug

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    I would have liked to have information on the harting x11 port of a krc2 from kuka.
    Is it possible in a control cabinet to bring in the 24v from the robotic bay to supply the electrical components that are found?
    In the harting x11 socket, is there an output that signals the robot stop?
    thank you for any help provided
  • It depends on which KRC2 you have. Generally, the 24V (really 27V) supply on X11 can be used for powering external I/O devices, but it is a low-amperage supply (2A maximu, I think). And a wiring mistake could burn out some very expensive components inside the KRC.

  • Great thanks, I see but if the 24 v only supplies an automaton of indicator lights of the griphare type and indicator light of button.
    Would that be possible?

    If it is possible what should I do to avoid burning some component of krc2?

  • I am attaching some info I have on the KRC2 X11 connector

    I look like Pins 36 (4 Amp) and 90 (2 Amp) are reserved for external control.

    they are fused , most likely with an automotive style fuse

    The Drives on Contacts 11/12 29/30 can be used to tell if the robot is on

    Auto and Test mode can be monitored with pins 46,47,48

    E Stop can be monitored with pins 2/3 , 21/22

  • Thank you for your documents and your help.

    So for my case a power supply of my control cabinet with 24v x11 would be possible?

    And for the monitoring of the e-stop it is used to know when the robot is stopped?

    So can it be used to open a door?

  • Careful -- those fused 24V power lines are (as far as I recall) optional -- not every robot has them. The only one I'm sure every X11 has is the 24V "safety control" pins. And I'm not sure those are separately fused -- you'll want to check the internal wiring diagram.

    Also, those pin numbers may not be right -- different versions of the KRC2 could have different pinouts. You'll need to confirm that the drawing matches the X11 your KRC has.

  • yes I have the doc with all the connectors for x11

    But if I connect my control cabinet to this 24v output and I plug in as equipment that will be connected to the 24v power supply: -4 button with 1 light -a magnetic door closure -an automat - 2 security keys for robotics

    Is it possible with all this equipment to connect it to the 24v of the krc2?

  • How much current will those lights draw? Are the buttons shorting power to ground?

    It all depends entirely on the specific amperage draws, in the worst case scenario. I would recommend (at minimum) adding a fast-blow fuse rated below the max current capacity of the X11 to be safe.

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