Vision offsets with CAD to path in roboguide

  • I am using a 2DL camera which will offset the path of my robot. I am also using roboguide to create my path CAD to path. I am only seeing the option to add either a on Offset(PR) or a Tool_Offset(PR) as a segment Point Motion Option. Is there no way of adding a VR? I guess I could (could I) copy the values from the VR to a PR, but I would like to use both, to allow for manual offsets from a PanelView.

    Do I have to use a text editor or is there an easier way?

    Thanks id advance!

  • You could manually go in and add the voffset to each point .... Or you can use the vision found position to modify the user frame that the points are in.

    Its going to be about 300 points, so I'd rather not manually do it. How would I modify the user frame? If I manipulate the x and y of the user frame, that uses world coordinates, I thought?!

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  • I'd be happy to have a free beer :beerchug:

    Yes you are right that all UFs are defined from world. So there are 2 ways to do this.

    Option 1. Use the world frame as your offset frame in the vision process. Then store the found position into a PR. Use that PR to set a different UF. Note, do not use the vision offset, only the actual found position in this case so it will be in world.

    Option 2. Use a taught frame as the offset frame in vision process. Then set a new frame that is the result of matrix multiplying the taught frame and found position.

    One more note. I assume your 2DL process gives you x,y,z and r, but no W or P. So you either leave W and P as 0 or set it to a fixed value if needed.

    All positions in your cad to path must be relative to a UF that has an origin equal to the output of your vision process found position.

    I have done this before and it does work just fine if you set everything up correctly.

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