Using and old KSD1-08 motor drive from a KRC2

  • Hello guys,

    I'have got an old but working KSD1-08 servo drive from an old robot, does anyone know if it is possible to use that drive in a DIY context, maybe emulating the protocol with an Arduino or similar? The drive is using the INTERBUS protocol but there is no documentation around...

    Is there here any crazy hacker who tried to do that?


  • Well, the KSDs are "standard" 3rd-party Lenze modules, and the KUKA motors are simply re-labelled Siemens servo motors. So it might be possible. However, the KSDs have KUKA-specific modified firmware, and KUKA doesn't let that out, so communicating with the KSD might require some serious reverse-engineering (the protocol should be standard Interbus, but above that...)

    I've no idea if it's possible to 're-flash' the firmware back to the Lenze standard, but it would be worth investigating.

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