Fanuc: reach world coordinate frame position

  • Dear specialist,

    We have a small problem to reach a point.

    Our Fanuc robot has a cable housing to the robot wrist. We can reach every point but, the way to this point is limited.

    In a new application we send a pick coordinate to the robot. This is in world coordinate frame (x y z w p r).

    Around the 6the axis, we want to rotate between 50° and -310°. So if the endpoint asks a rotation around the 6the axis of 60°, I want that the robot reach the endpoint clock wise. If the coordinate is 45 ° , the point has to be reached counterclockwise around the 6the axis.

    With the WJNT, you can limit the rotation. But this is always limited between 0-180 or 180-360 degrees.



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  • I would have thought Wjnt would solve your issue. What error do you get when using it?

    Other potential solutions:

    1. Use a joint move

    2. Add an approach point that is a joint move

    3. Set the axis limits so that it cannot go past 50 or -310, then add both Wjnt and MROT to the Linear motion. It is critical when using MROT that the axis limit is set so it cannot possible damage the cable. Then this will automatically detect the axis limit and always move the shortest direction that does not violate the limit.

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