C Series Ethernet

  • Hi Team,
    I'm a long time lurker who has acquired a ZX200S (because why not!) with a couple of C series controllers.
    I'm slowing working everything out, but am stumped on ethernet communications.
    When plugged into my laptop, it behaves as if nothing is plugged in.
    I've tried Patch and Cross Over Ethernet leads.
    I've found the IP address in the robot data, and set the PC to a similar IP on the same subnet.

    Using info in this forum I've enable the Circular interpolation option, and am wondering if ethernet needs enabling as well?
    as the manuals reference ethernet as an 'option'.

    Or is it sounding like a bad 1HA board? Which case I'll swap it with the spare controller (Haven't Yet, as not sure of implications).
    I'll be sure to try another laptop tomorrow just in case..

    Any thoughts on the matter would be much appreciated.

    Alternatively could I up the baud of serial?. I assume loading something like this:
    (where 9600 is replaced with a faster speed)


    SETSIO 9600 2



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  • I'm a long time lurker who has acquired a ZX200S (because why not!) with a couple of C series controllers.

    and why not indeed.......one of Kawasaki most reliable combinations in my opinion and as you have a couple of them, then a valuable horde of spares to hand too.

    Welcome to the forum...........:beerchug:

    First thing is to check whether the TCP/IP for the 1HA is enabled.

    Check to see if you have Aux 189 available?

    - This is where you set the IP/Subnet/Gateway for the Controller.

    If you don't have this option, then the ethernet option needs enabling.

    If you can post a full file save (and it doesn't comprise any company IP), I can check it for you.

  • Thanks for the warm welcome!
    I've been on the hunt for years since toying with a palletizing Kawasaki in a previous job.
    This one came up dirt cheap and seems to work fine, although I Am still convincing the wife of the merits of my purchase...

    I will double check in the morning (wouldn't fit in my garage) but I'm pretty certain Aux 189 doesn't exist. I've hunted though the menu a lot and nothing came remotely close to looking like IP settings.

    No intellectual thoughts let alone property going on with me, have attached file.
    Appreciate your time

  • Do what I have suggested and let me know of the outcome.

    As far as serial baudrate is concerned, you can increase this, but I would recommend leaving it as default as it matches the default of windows and therefore if required is very simple to hook up without having to worry about settings when using KCwin32.

    Just remember the comms for RS232 requires a null modem cable, and ethernet is a crossover.

    I have placed various editors in the software section here:

    Kawasaki Online Terminal Editors - Manuals, Software and Tools for Kawasaki Robots - Robotforum - Support and discussion community for industrial robots and cobots (robot-forum.com)

    KCwin32, KCWinTCP and KRTerm are the original apps provided by Kawasaki for online editing back in the day and I've included a couple of quick connection guides.

  • Thanks for putting me in the right direction.
    I've been using KIDE, but might drop back to the older terminal style Programs & Notepad++.

    I agree to leaving the baud alone, It sounds like a potential future headache.

    Nothing left to do now but upskill and put the robot to use.
    Thanks for your efforts, I'll be hanging around and hopefully be useful enough in the future to answer a few questions myself.

  • Sounds like this unit is a personal one you have at home. If I don't see a video of you utilizing it to flip hamburgers then I will be deeply disappointed.

    Most definitely a toy. A few more road blocks to overcome, then It'll be routing/hotwiring.
    Still working on the Beer fetching/making dinner/playing catch part. Will be sure to show off when I have it doing something cool. In the mean time I think I'll just glue some googly eyes to it.

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