S3,S4,S4C,S4C+,IRC5 controller system's

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    They asked me to create a document. In this document I need to do research on all abb robots.(S3,S4,S4C,S4C+,IRC,Omnicore) For all controller systems ,year of manufacture, operating system, cabin type and types. For example: Controller :S3 , Type:M92/M93A ,Operating system version: RobotWare... ,Production Date:1992/1993

    I have to do these in fanuc and kuka robots.

    s3 , m92/93a , 1992/1993

    s4, m94a/m96, 1994/1996

    s4c, m97a/m98a/m99, 1997/1999

    s4c+,m2000, 2000/?

    ırc5, ? , ?,

    These are the things I researched. I could not find any information about operating systems (robotware).

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  • S3 controller was introduced in M87 with the IRB2000 which replaced the old & limited 5-axis S2 IRB6. I call these 'early' S3. These had drive systems similar in design to the S2 but running servo motors instead of DC. It also featured a single CPU board with 4 processors (Main, I/O, Axis, Servo) that handled most functions. IRB3000 & IRB3200 were later added to the early S3 line up.

    Early S3 controllers were M87, M89, M90, M90A.

    Newer S3 controllers that came with the introduction of the IRB6000 had new drive system, updated CPU and safety and introduced the Serial Measurement Board (SMB).

    Newer S3 were M91, M91A, M92, M93, M93A.

    Around M92, ABB added a S3 compact controller along with the IRB1500. Only briefly worked on a couple, both M92, so I don't have much info. They were geared towards arc welding but they didn't make many.

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