axis_TYPE[7] invalid value

  • I have a kuka KR 180-2 with kuka KRC02 ed05 controller (v5.6.11). I have recently installed 7th axis (turn table) which has servo motor (00-104-897) and KSD1-16.

    The problem is that when I set the axis type to '5' (endless rotation), the controller displays error no. 310 saying "$axis_TYPE[7] invalid value" and error no. 259 "/R1machine data loader aborted"! However, when I set it to type "3", it works fine and the table rotates perfectly! take into consideration that the table came with no mechanical limits and it is able to rotate endless rotation.

    I tried to compare the attached below $machine.dat file (&PARAM VERSION = 3.8.1) with the one located in the Mada folder at D:, but they are the same.

    Question: is there any additional configuration should I do to make the 7th axis act as type 5?

    thanks in advance,

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