Making a Safety Fence for Fanuc M-20iA with RB30iB Plus Controller

  • I think you would benefit from speaking to your H and S representative on site and carry out a risk assessment of the cell to include discussions and also thorough understanding of what the different modes of the robot can provide.

    If it is already company policy though, it's already been decided, if not, then now is the right time to approach the subject.

    Don't forget there are also other control measures that can be put in place, such as fortress exchange keys, safety mats, floor scanners to reduce the hazards within the cell, which may also satisfy your risk assessment to permit manual motion whilst the door is open.

    And absolutely agree with pdl and Lemster68 , you need to take this into account during your risk assessment to decide on the safest, practical configuration to adopt.

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  • Yes I agree with the previous posts. I will have to clarify what our objective is with the safety. Once I have done that, I will refer back to these posts and go from there.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Hi, thanks for your input. I am still trying to process and understand all of this :)

    Ok I see! I did not know that that the fence circuit is only monitored in automode. We do plan on using T1 and T2 and we don't want to teach while being inside of the cage.

    I completely agree with pdl and Lemster68, for the most part, However, JAHA did bring up the point that they will be using T2 mode. If that wasn't a typo and you actually plan on using T2, then I can see even more reason one might want to use the E-stop circuit rather than the fence circuit for safety (especially if there are extended axis/other motion groups, rails, trunnions to worry about. I might also suggest looking into doing something to lock out T2 mode rather than prevent the user from running the robot in T1 with the cell open.

  • I see all the great information about Fanuc R-30ib safety interface with Omron. Has anyone interfaced a Fanuc with an Allen Bradley 1734-AENT/B with safety modules? I have 1734-OB8S (output) and 1734-IB8S (input). I want to interface EES and EAS the an AB Safety PLC. Not sure how to wire this. Thanks for the help. Cheers.

  • Hey Everyone, just wanted to post an update that the safety is working and our robot took its first steps yesterday :)

    We switched our sensor to a re13-sac sensor, and wired directly to the EAS ports on the e stop board. No need for the complex controller we initially purchased. Our e stop button works too.

    Thanks for the help everyone, I sure learned a lot.

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