Fanuc Restore Image and Mastering

  • Hello,

    I have a very big problem with one Fanuc Robot which is : the robot instead of going to specific position it goes to a different position and doing a crash I am not getting any error related to position deviation but for sure I am getting collision fault ( After it crashed already ).

    at the beginning II thought someone by mistake did a new touch up but for sure no one did that.

    also I noticed multiple position were completely wrong so what I have done to try to fix this problem as in below:

    1) I restored PSREG.VR from the my previous backup > nothing changed and still problem exist.

    2) I restored FRAMEVAR.VR > nothing changed and still problem exist.

    3) I restored > nothing changed and still problem exist.

    My plan is to restore a backup Image but I have some questions about this step:

    1) In worse case scenario the image backup positions not the same as the current robot position >> so at this moment I can fix the robot positions zero positions by doing Mastering correct ???.

    2) do we have any way to check the position for the robot in the image file which I have to tell me what was the position for the robot during take this image ????

    and at the end what do you think about this problem how should I think bout this problem ? what could it cause this problem ?

    Thank you,


  • Hello, I have some suggestions about this problem.
    - please move the robot to zero position by the pendant, if the robot already in zero degrees and the scribe mark on the robot show the exact place, then I think nothing happens with your mastering data.

    - are you using PR for all the robot positions? if yes, be careful with Frame changing, because little changes in the User Frame or Tool frame can give a bit difference to your robot PR's position.

    about your question :
    1. yes, you are right, you have to do Quick mastering again because the pulse coder data is different.
    2. do you have All of the above back-ups instead of Image backup? if yes, you can check it on Roboguide simulation.

  • Thanks for your reply I noticed something very strange.

    during testing the program on Roboguide andi I tried to save all files to .LS I am getting error saying [ OS-144 System error 640001,C000005 a) this error is happening when the roboguide tried to sve the file which has my problem to .LS and I have to restart the robogude .

    do you have any information about this error ???

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