ABB S3 M93

  • Hello friends.

    We are asking for help with an old S3 M93 welder , we are not able to load parameters and programs from disc(floppy) we have only load basic parameters from prom,it shows us 508 error,can somebody help us understand what's going on,

    Thanks in advance

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  • 508 errors are related to the floppy drive. It will have a sub-code on the right side of the display that gives the exact fault.

    Download the S3 M93 Service Manual found in the manuals section for more detail.

  • 508 errors are listed on pages 5:24 - 5:26.

    You can not use a floppy drive from an S4. While the S4 floppy drives are PC-compatible, the S2 & S3 floppy drives are not. ABB S2 & S3 controllers use a different formatting for the floppy disks.

  • It is best to format the disks in the floppy drive of the controller you're using them in. Age and wear may cause some misalignment so it's best to have the data in the same place as the formatting. If disks previously had pc-compatible formatting, I format them at least twice before using.

  • Iirc there was a PC program to read/write S3 floppy. Don't remember if it was possible to format them.

    The program will need an outdated OS like Windows 95 or MS-DOS.

    I had briefly looked at one program but did not get good results. Was happier to setup an old tractor feed printer to print out programs. This was over 22 years ago though.

    Always had great luck replacing the disk drives with new configurable ones like Teac FD235HF series. Can't seem to find them last time I checked about 5 years ago.

    The good folks at Global Robot Parts (fka SWEROB) have offered an S3 floppy replacement for many years that saves to an SD card.

  • Many, many times on S2 & S3, I used the teach pendant to go thru the parameters and made note of anything that was not 'default'.

    Don't remember if you can 'List' (print) them if you setup a printer.

    There is the 'To SC' (superior computer) interface that should also be able to transfer parameters directly to the PC. You will need a program to interface. All those programs are long gone as far as I know.

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