UD not detected

  • Hello. I am working with some brand new Fanuc robots, all of them are SYSTEM R-30iB PLUS controllers.

    'UD not detected' is the notification within the FILE Menu.

    I am having a lot of difficulty getting the robot to recognize any USB drive at the door port (UD1:), and regardless of the size of the drives from 2 MB all the way up to 8 MB. This problem does not seem to occur at the TP port, (UT1:), but I cannot always assume availability of UT1

    JRS 16 is properly seated into the Main Board.

    I have tried using the robot itself to format the USB drives, no success. Format... yes. Improvement... no.

    The software is HandlingTool V9.30 P/12 7DF3/12 ARC Mate 100iD

    The manipulator (not that it should matter) is M-10iD/12

    Doing a re-start helps, but what a pain :(

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Thank you, I tried giving it a little wiggle, but that did not seem to help.

    Normal Hot or Cold re-start seems to do the trick, but adds frustration and time. Just wondering when Fanuc is going to jump on those USB issues. I guess I could use the trusty old PCMCIA slot on the Main Board, I have never had any trouble with that.


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