How to check connection status with a force toque sensor

  • Hi all,

    I am using a FT sensor (ATI OMEGA 191) with an ethernet FT Net box from ATI too. Robot KUKA KR420 R3330 F, KSS8.5. I've got the Ftctl package.

    Everything works great.

    However, I would like to check the connection status to the FT Net box before initiate a FT path. Reason: I have a tool changer and the FT Net box is mounted on one the tool. The FT Net box is power up everytime I pick the tool with the robot and it takes a few secondes to get it up and running.

    I could use a timer to wait, let's say 20 secondes (roughly time for the box to be connected) before starting the FT path but I am wondering if there is a way to evaluate a variable in KRL. It would be much more smart.

    Thank in advance.:thumbup:

    I read the manual.

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  • The ATI F/T Net box uses Ethernet/IP for the connection, correct? That means you must be using a disconnect command when dropping the tool in order to avoid bus errors.

    The connect command when you pick up the tool should return a pass/fail status code -- you could simply repeat that every couple seconds until you get a pass.

    From the EIP manual:

    RET =IOCTL("EIP-SCANNER",60,[Device number])
    RET =IOCTL("EIP-SCANNER",50,[Device number])

    IOCTL returns 0 for success, 1 for timeout, and 2 for an invalid parameter in the call.

  • Thanks SkyFire!

    Yes, the F/T Net box uses Ethernet/IP. However, I've never had any bus error without disconnect command :/

    I didn't check in the EIP manual... Will try this out and will give a feedback.

    Thank you!

    I read the manual.

  • If you don't get en EIP error when dropping the end effector without using a disconnect command... that suggests that you're not breaking the EIP connection. When you drop the tool, where do the connections get broken? Does the ethernet connection between the KRC and the F/T box get broken? Or is it the connection between the F/T box and the F/T sensor?

  • The connection is broken between the CU and the FTNet box. Based on the EIP manual, I think I don't have any error message because the device is not set as ACTIVE in WoV. See image below.

    I will make the modification accordingly to the manual and test it as soon as get back to the office.

    I read the manual.

  • Something doesn't line up here. If you are using the F/T with the robot, then they must be communicating. Which means that there is no way to break the EIP connection without using a deliberate Disconnect command during the tool drop, or getting a fatal EIP error. LIkewise, on the tool pickup, there must be a Reconnect command somewhere.

    If the F/T is set inactive in WV, then the KRC will never try to communicate with it, unless you execute a Reconnect command on the KRC.

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