Roboguide - Circle Objects not circular

  • Hey everyone,

    Not sure when this started happening and I'm pretty sure I used to have smooth round circles...but at some point my circles have become much less smooth. I have Anti-Aliasing turned on and I've tried turning the slider all the way to Best Quality along with restarting Roboguide, but this issue still happens...Also made sure that my dedicated graphics card is being used at all times.

    Anyone got any idea what could be causing this?

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  • Is your diameter very small? If so, that's pretty much how roboguide behaves. If you need it circular, you may need to model it and import it.

    That one I screen shot was 50mm in diameter? But I remember at some point I was using circles at a smaller diameter than that to line up fixtures using a 4 way positioning hole...or at least I believe I did...Unless I used the circular Part->Workpiece cylinder...

    I did try to use a 5mm diameter to place a TCP as accurately as possible and the circle came out to a triangle...but I was still able to measure to the center of face. It still works, just not a round circle.

    I'm probably just going crazy :uglyhammer2:

  • Yeah, well for what it's worth...I grabbed the Cylinder workpiece under the Parts category of the CAD Library...stays circular at smaller diameters. Just gotta scale X, Y & Z rather than give it a Diameter and Length.

    EDIT: Oh and on a side note, it seems Roboguide may have gotten better importing IGES files?? I imported 3 files with High Quality that were from 300,000KB to 415,000KB in size...sure it took some time, but they were ALL successful on the FIRST TRY! That's a really nice surprise.

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