Stuck in SMOV Mode

  • Hello,

    First post here on this forum. Glad to finally find a discussion community for Yaskawa robots and beyond.

    This morning on a normal boot up I went to go edit a program and found that my only movement choices are SMOVL, SMOVC, SMOVS, MOVJ instead of the normal MOVL, MOVC, MOVJ, please tell me what is the S and how do I get back into the original mode? I'm sure I just fat fingered a key somewhere but I don't see anything obviously wrong.


  • Pressing 4 doesn't seem to be toggling SMOV vs MOV. Could there be something else preventing the change?

    For some reason going into Select Job and selecting the job I was already in unlocked the ability to toggle "4" SMOV/MOV

    Thank you.

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