Error when generating code and deploying active project

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to install RSI on my controller, however when generating the code for the project I get the following errors

    12:23:19 PM puff: Failed to build file "Config:\User\Common\PNIODriver.xml".

    12:23:19 PM puff: Failed to build file "Config:\User\Common\pndev1.xml".

    12:23:20 PM Unable to generate code for project <26110745350000120003035603>! Reason: The code generation failed.

    I'm using work visual 6.0 and KSS 8.5.8, let me know what other information may be needed to diagnose the issue.

    To me, it looks like there is an issue with the KUKA.PROFINET MS option, so I tried creating a new profile and reinstalling all of the options and redeploying, but no luck.

    Thank you

  • AD
  • Did you solve the problem? I've same problem here with compilation. On another PC it not worked too, only on my colleague PC it works fine. Please, any info will be helpfull for me.

  • Ahh, solved. Problem was with WorkVisual version.

    Problem was with version KUKA.WorkVisual_V6.0.5_Build0492.

    Everything is OK with version KUKA.WorkVisual_V6.0.14_Build0654.

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