Looking for robot programmers with access to industrial robots to adapt our APIs

  • We have made an LST system and we want to make it compatible with various robot controllers. We have a starter code in C# for a translator between our system and the robot. The job is to adjust the code in a way that the robot can move by receiving input from the "translator" and to give back its real-time position. Please reach-out with the robot controller you have access to and we can take it further from there! :)

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  • if it is to be used for welding i would advise you to get a small acrylic glass in front of the laser to protect it from welding sparks and have a little compressed air down the glass to avoid welding fumes on the glass, be sure that the acrylic glass can withstand some heat if it gets too close to the weld and gets hot it may well turn milky white. i have seen people who have faults with poor protection of the laser in welding and it is cheaper to change an small acrylic glass then it is to change the laser.

    This is just my experience with laser searches.

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