FANUC teaching pendant need help writing code

  • Hi Robotics community, I am seriously over my head. I’m taking a class and only 3 weeks in and I am behind. If I don’t pass the instructors text I can’t take the lab which will put me further in the soup. Can anyone help me translate this?

    I need to write this in correct FANUC syntax as they would be shown on the teach pendant

    The question reads:

    1. The first motion instruction needs to go to position 4 in a straight line. It needs to actually reach the destination and travel at 225mm/s

    2. The second motion needs to go to position register 1it does not need to be a straight line or reach the position just get clos. Do it at 60% of the robots top speed and don’t let it decelerate to below 50% of its speed as it approaches the position

    3. The third motion instruction is part of a circle that goes through position 2 and ends at position 5. It should do so at 220mm/a and actually reach the position

    Can anyone out there in this world help me answer these 3 questions? How would this look?




    Can anyone help me? I’m in over my head and I’m trouble.



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    Closed the thread.

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