7th Axis Degree manipulation

  • Evening Forum,

    Tech Specs:

    KR3 - R540

    KSS 8.6.6

    External Axis : MG-8_KSPsr12 ( #ENDLESS ROTATION )

    Transmission Ratio : 10 / 1


    LIN movement between two points, we alter / want to alter the ".E1" of the ROTARY external axis. For example:

    xApproachPosition.E1 = 0.0

    XTargetPosition.E1 = rGlobalDeclaredVariable

    PTP ApproachPosition

    LIN TargetPosition

    However, should I modify the XTargetPosition.E1 ( before the program is called ) to a value it doesn't achieve this by the time the displacment is achieved.

    NOTE: The rotations could be many MANY revolutions,

    In short, I'm wanting the robot LIN displacement to be controlled so that the .E1 rotation is completed @ the same time. ( the set up to me should be deployed as synchronous? )

    Many thanks

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  • Sorry, I do Not get your question. In any movement command all axes start and end simultaneously unless an axis is set to asynchronous. But in the latter case they would be programmed using asy_ptp not lin.


  • Good morning Fubini

    Appologies, I was doubting myself even as I was writing the above and could / should of made it more clear....

    Essentially, I'm driving a probe vertically up an engine valve stem, and whilst moving up this valve stem, I'm needing to rotate the turntable ( 7th axis ) that it is mounted onto a set number of degrees of rotation.

    to make certain we probe all the surface, this rotation is not fully calculated just yet, so it is abit of trial and improve.....

    Many thanks

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