Chaining of External Kinematic Systems

  • I have a KP3 rotary table in front of a KUKA robot, all running KSS 8.3.14.

    I have configured the robot to follow each of the three external axis from WorkVisual, and I've taught the base frames and root points from the SmartPad. I taught E2 while E1 was at 0 degrees and I taught E3 while E1 was at 180 degrees.

    Now the robot only follows E2 or E3 correctly if E1 is at the position that E2, or E3 was taught in. For example, when I jog E2 while the SmartPad has E2's base frame selected, the robot follows E2 as if E1 was still at 0 degrees, even when its not. I would think the system would be a little smarter and essentially transform E2's base frame as E1 moves, kind of like with robotteam.

    Am I missing a step in chaining E2 and E3 to E1, or is this simply not a feature of these external kinematic systems?

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