Possibility for robot to synchronize with machine

  • Hello there, I need some suggestion from you and also a discussion.

    I have a project for robot handling part with Forging machine.

    Forging machine movement: it has a movement to go down for pressing and go back up after pressing (in vertical movement), this machine is using the motor for the pressing process. There are 5 parts in 5 stations on 1 machine, the station number 1 is for the rough part and beginning of the process, after the machine press and go up again the part must be move to the next station until finish in station number 5.

    Robot Movement: this robot will handle to move the part from one station to another after the forging machine finish to press.

    First Idea :

    - I have a simple idea to connect between the machine using standard communication (device net/ cc-link/another communication method), the Forging machine will send DI to the robot after it finished pressing and then the robot will send DO after the robot finish moves the part to the next station. But, another challenge is the cycle time must be under 2 seconds.

    So, the other idea is to make a robot that can synchronize with the Forging machine, robot movement will follow the pressing movement. For example, when the machine will press then the robot will go back, and when the machine goes up, the robot will approach to move the parts.

    Then the challenge is motor of this machine is a different brand from Fanuc, so I need a suggestion on how to make it synchronize, or if you have any idea or the same experience. I will be glad to hear from you.

    thank you very much.:!::!:

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  • What controls does this press have for "forging"?

    Does the "motor" have an encoder that reads 0-359 by chance?

    The vast majority of our presses have what we call a "sequencer" that we can time in signals to devices and such. So for example when the press is between 200-210 degrees we tell the robot to start advancing to the part and then at 240-245 degrees remove the part. This can also be used to monitor the robot positioning to be sure the robot is clear before forging another part.

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