Oil change of M16İ robot

  • The subject of robot oil change, which I have long avoided with great care, finally came and found me. It always scares me. We have a robot in the model "M16I" belonging to a client of mine. He wants the robot to be lubricated for maintenance work, that is, an oil change. Actually, that goes for my own robots. I need to find out about this somehow. I have reviewed many types of robot mechanical maintenance documents in my archive, but I have not found any documents for "M16I". Closest to this robot, I found that a robot called "M16IB GAMMA" is very similar to my robot, and I studied the document. But I can't find a kind of seller of the recommended type of oil. I am waiting for valuable help from mechanical maintenance friends about a few types of oil brands or oil properties for this series of robots. Be well, Masters..

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  • Thanks for your answers. I've already applied to the Fanuc representative office in my own country on this issue, but they don't have the courtesy to pay attention to you if you're not going to buy anything again. I think that one of my masters who reads the position must have an idea about the subject. Yeah, I'm hopeful, because I learned everything I know about the robot from this very valuable site..

  • Do you have a cRc account with Fanuc? All of the eDocuments are finally available to regular people. When I search for M-16i, though, the only mechanical unit manual it lists is for M-6iB and ArcMate 100iB. What information are you looking for? Is there any other practice besides pump the new grease in until it runs clean from the outlet?

    Where are you located? You can buy Vigo grease off Amazon... can't imagine it is too hard to find.

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  • You mean M-16i with R-J3 controller, right?

    It has no oil in the reducers - there is grease inside.

    - Axes J1 - J5 use VIGO Grease Re. 0 (Nabtesco) - former it was Mollywtite Re. 00.

    - Axis J6 (harmonic drive) - there should be Mollywhite Re. 00 or dedicated to harmonic SK-3.

    Put the new grease to reducer until it goes out from the outlet, then do not forget to take out some grease (~5%) , so that the grease baths are not full.

    That's all.

  • Thank you so much for your answers. "Droth "I have a" Arcmate 100IB " maintenance document that I will do as described by him. I'm trying to register in the Fanuc system, but the system is giving an error, I've tried this before. Even if you looked at the system for me, it's enough for me. I'm doing research for" Vigo gress, "and Fanuc robots can use the" Vigo gress RE00." "neighbor1" I get it, your recipe is great. As always, you've been very helpful.

  • Sorry... small correction:

    - J1 - J5: VIGO Greaase Re. 0 - manufacturer Kyodo Yoshi not Nabtesco (reducers' manufacturer)

    - J6: SK-3

    Take care of proper posture for greasing.

    There is no Mollywhite Re.0 - it was Re.00 - different thickness class.

  • Just to clarify.

    When you grease there are two plugs to remove.

    Or a grease zert and a plug. If there are two plugs one will need to be replaced with a zert.

    The plug will usually be opposite of the zert, and preferably pointing down, if not rotate robot so it does point down and then place a catch basin of some type under it.

    Then begin pumping the grease into the zert SLOWLY. If you are using a pneumatic gun set at very low pressure. To high of pressure will destroy the seals in the joints.

    As stated before pump until grease runs out clean and then remove a small amount to avoid over pressure caused by movement and heat up.

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