Acknowledge safety on non-standard KRC2

  • Hello all,

    I am trying to configure the safety system for my robot cell and I want to setup a button/series of buttons that can get my program to continue running after opening a safety gate (in this case a door is opened for new material to be loaded into the workcell). I am running a KRC2 ed05 controller on 5.3.2 but it is not a standard controller. It is a Diamler unit and the safety controller is one of the double stacked CI3 boards with SafetyBUS. I am trying to use it without a dedicated safety PLC but I cannot seem to find how to continue the operation without using the teach pendant after every trip on the safety circuit. The X11 is actually an X211c and is wired differently. Attached is the wiring diagram for it. Am I out of luck trying to run this without a safety PLC attached, or can I get it to work with just safety interlocks and a button to acknowledge personnel safety and continue running?


  • KSS5.3 on ed05?

    are you sure it is ed05 and not old KRC2?

    X211c does not looks like any X211c that i have seen... which have far fewer contacts

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    3) read 1 and 2

  • panic mode,

    I was told this is an older KRC2 updated to ed05. I have since reinstalled KSS that I got a fresh copy of from Kuka, the 5.3.2 version. I do not know what is the difference between the two, and older krc2 and the ed05, which may be nice to know. Here is a picture of the bottom panel of my controller. X211C is wired to the same port as an X11, and the X11 service jumper that came with the machine does work to get the robot to move in testing. From what I can decipher in the wiring diagrams from the machine, X211A-B are the OUT and IN for the safetyBUS system.

  • Well I checked the Mainboard and it says it is a Soyo, so maybe it is not an ed05? It is running XP if that indicates the upgrade. Either way am I out of luck trying to program this controller without a safetybus plc?

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