External axis calibration setup error

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to calibrate the DKP400 turn-tilt table external axis as external kinematics of my KR30 HA robot,

    as the operating manual says, it should be simple,
    touching a point (in my case X 210mm far from the DKP400 flange center) four times in different approaches.

    So the point $ET1_TPINFL is declared, as external axes manual says, like this in machine.dat :

    FRAME $ET1_TA1KR={X 0.0,Y 0.0,Z 510.0,A 0.0,B 0.0,C 90.0}

    FRAME $ET1_TA2A1={X 0.0,Y 340.0,Z 0.0,A 0.0,B 0.0,C -90.0}

    FRAME $ET1_TA3A2={X 0.0,Y 0.0,Z 0.0,A 0.0,B 0.0,C 0.0}

    FRAME $ET1_TFLA3={X 0.0,Y 0.0,Z 0.0,A 0.0,B 0.0,C 0.0}

    FRAME $ET1_TPINFL={X 210.0,Y 0.0,Z 0.0,A 0.0,B 0.0,C 0.0}

    But when i select

    Setup > Measure > External kinematics > Root point,

    after choosing system no 1, giving it a name, and choosing continue,

    the KSS 5.6.8 (running on KRC2) gives this error :

    "It is not possible to measure the external kinematic 1 of type #NONE"

    Has anyone faced the same issue? Is there a way to proceed with the calibration?

    The Tool is selected and Base is too (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,)

    Thank you

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