card repair

  • Hello

    This is the first time something like this happens to me.the card is broken and I have to do it.But the resin is applied.

    I used alcohol, thinner, chemical cleaner, ultrosonic cleaner but didn't work.

    Has anyone happened to you before?


  • nope... i guess you will have to try different / stronger solvents but test on some scrap PCBs to make sure silkscreen is not getting dissolved. can you post closeup, the material is not easy to see and it appears like something latex based.

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  • Paint remover can also work. Two types - removing enamel and removing latex.

    As mentioned by panic mode, be careful of damaging the circuit traces and components.

    Using an old soldering/desoldering tip works sometimes.

    Also be careful with ultrasonic cleaners as some components are not sealed and can be damaged. Relays, LEMs, transformers for example.

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