Issue with DeviceNET Inputs KRC2ed05

  • Hello all,

    I am in the process of adding some simple I/O to my robot, specifically a Terminator T1K-DEVNETS with one 8-point input and one 8-point output module. My robot controller is a Krc2 Ed05 running 5.3.2.

    I am running into an issue where I have everything seemingly installed correctly, power attached, resistors installed, the inputs lights on the module light up when activated, but I can not get the inputs to show up on the input monitor or mid program. I have tried different addresses to see if that helps in case I was overlapping something else in the system but still a no-go.

    Here are the DEVNET.INI, IOSYS.INI, DEVNET.LOG, and IOSYS.LOG. I am not seeing any errors or anything out of place but If you guys could give it a once over I would appreciate it.

    Also attached are what shows up when I run the Telnet "dnShow1" and "dnWho".

    I have worked through the entire DevNET manual to install and map the I/O, is there anything I may have missed to get my I/O to work properly? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Code: DEVNET.INI

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  • Well, your detailed telnet appears to show that the device has 3 bytes in and out. It's possible that the unit on MAC Address 10 has some diagnostic/control bits on the first byte. I would try expanding your x1 to x3 in IOSYS.INI, do an IO-Reconfig or cold reboot, and see what happens. If this does not generate any Devnet errors, then your I/O might be mapped somewhere between 9 and 24.

  • Worked like a charm! I did both things, changed to x3 and changed to INB/OUTB and the inputs are registering finally. I saw in the Terminator manual something about Diagnostic information but I did not know how to correlate that with my issue. Thank you both for your help.

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