Define points as Air and Operations

  • Good afternoon, we are currently running a Kuka 210-2 with krc2 edo5 with KSS 5.6

    I am wondering if you are able to define points in a program as air movements and operation movements. As we are having to adjust run speed of the program due to different times that our parts are needing spent on the spindle cleaner. This varies from 100 percent to 50 percent. We are looking to be able to adjust the part to spindle velocity without having to slow down the air movements as air movement and part positioning are 2/3 of the program time.

  • well... it all depends on how your programs written and intended to be used.

    about writing:

    this is easy if motions are not using inline forms.

    it also can be done to programs that use inline forms but this is best to plan for, not change afterwards....

    about use:

    points you plan to touchup, need to be inline forms or you need ExpertTech option. personally i am not fan of it as it allows user to change coordinate systems and touchup. this is collision risk.

    another option is to make own inline forms and do whatever you like. this needs UserTech. i really like this option but it is a real pain to get started. even so this would still mean rewrite of existing programs.

    of course with some computer skills one can still convert old programs to something new, otherwise plan for lots of time to do it by hand.

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