Blowing fuses in disconnect DX-100

  • What is the plant voltage you are supplying to the DX100 controller? Did you check the connections on the transformer in the two DX100 controllers to make sure they are set to the correct incoming voltage. If this is all correct, you are probably dropping one phase of your supply causing the other two phases to go high and blow the fuse.


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  • The power coming into the robot cell main disconnect comes from somewhere in your plant. This could be a power distribution panel or a power buss. On a bower buss a switch plugs into the buss. The contacts on the buss can be loose or not making good contact. The wire in the terminal from the buss switch or power distribution could be loose.

    You may have another piece of equipment in the plant pulling the voltage down (large DC drive on startup) or electric heaters that are ground faulting.

    Get an electrician to put a chart recorder on the three phases to see if the voltage is fluctuating.

    You can also have a bad transformer in one of the robots.


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