Is it possible to make a script or macro for incremental move?

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  • Hi DZonzi,

    yes it is possible.

    Use a macro(with a DI to execute)

    within your (macro)program use the INC instruction .



    PR[x] = 10,0,0,0,00

    PR[y] = LPOS

    L PR[y] 20mm/sec Offset PR[X] INC


    think about safety, frames, feedback etc!!

  • To be honest that is wrong - if you want to use offset then do not use INC mod.

    in simple way you could do something like:

    L PR[X] Speed Inc where PR[x] contains increments in any direction/angle you want.


    Oh and it could be started using macro with SU key binding i.e shift + user key 1

  • The increment logic is simple

    Just do a loop that increment 1 mm for example

    Very crude example

    r1 =1

    lbl 1


    l pr(34)

    Jump lbl 1

    You can make the above lines a macro and call it when you need it

    My question is . What starts and stops the increment on your system ? A switch, a PLC input ???


  • I would like to use a user key like: deadman + shift + 7 (+x), 4 (+y), 1 (+z). What do you think? Im gonna painting so must be very precise. Sometimes i need to move a painted line a 2-3 mm in one direction to cover a surface etc

  • I've never done jobs with key assignment

    The problem that I see are:

    1 You are jogging the robot in manual mode , so you will not be able to run the program automictically

    2 Jogging it that way , you will not record any point. Next time you run, you are doing the same jogging again

    Also, I just thought about it (never done either) , I think you can program the FINE or VERYFINE increment to a particular dimensions. This way, You would not need key assignments


  • Oh, I see. You are using this process (increment) to teach points not to run automatically

    I guess you teach a point (close to your target) and then you increment until is correct for you and that becomes "the point"

    That sounds to me like the teaching method that everybody uses


  • Nobody uses that method. Everybody uses continuous movement for reaching the right position. You know nothing Fabian Munoz. After painting i see on the body how much shift that line in which direction. If i use continuous movment i can shift that line too much or too less.

    Do you know how kuka's incremental movement works?

  • The newer versions of the controller software (v9.10+) have an incremental jog move built into them. You just have to enable it under the system menu.

    For older controllers, you can modify how far the Fine mode moves via the system variables, and use that as a kind of incremental move.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

  • if you know how far you wanna move the robot... why do you don`t just change the Position data of that point.

    Because inc move would be by far more comfortable.


    Thanks, I belive there will be newest version of the controller, because they going to exchange the older robots.

    Nevertheless im dissapointed.

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