Unexplained singularity like behaviour

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with a cobot. In the position that is shown in the picture the robot exhibits behaviour that looks like a singularity. If I try to make a linear movement around this position the velocity in the third joint (between the grey and the orange parts) becomes very high as you would expect to happen around an elbow singularity. However this position is not a singularity I recognize. Does anyone have any idea what it is about this position that causes this behaviour?

    Kind regards

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  • Sorry, 'around' was not the best choice of words. What I mean is that when I try to make a linear movement through this point or with this point as a start or end point of the motion I get an error. It seems as if there is a singularity there. When the linear movement comes close to this point the speed in the third joint becomes really high, just like near a singularity.

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