IrVision Limit Check Variables

  • Hello,

    I have setup an application where I am using irvision to pick up parts. We have a limit check application tool on this vision process and sometimes this fails causing us not to GET_OFFSET. The problem is it does not tell me if x,y,z,w,p,r fails so I want to setup a ualrm to capture this for display purposes. I am able to put an offset in a PR[] and set the vision application to skip instead of fail the GET_OFFSET. I am unable to find the limits of the limit check anywhere in the system variables. Does anybody know where or what type of instruction I can use?

  • AD
  • Hi CSpark11,

    I believe the limits of the limit check are stored inside the .vd file...

    You can create a second vision process. A copy without the limit check.

    When GET_OFFSETfails check with the second tool if part is present...

    Best regards


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