• My company recently purchased a used R30iA welding robot. However we do not use it for welding, instead we use it for material handling. Shortly after I had programed the points, I started getting SPOT-063 SCR SHORT. Needless to say, I had to recover a few crashes, rebuild fixturing, ECT. At first I thought because I was using DI0 as a input from a switch, it had thought that the weld controller (that had not been installed) has shorted. I have used the normal online means to look for a solution. Ie, Google, ECT. To no avail. I moved a switch from DI0 to DI3 in hopes to help. Nothing. Sporadic timing of fault. I can not nail down a cause. I keep getting told that it is not the robot or controller. I have my doubts, and that brings me here.

    So with that said, is there a way to bypass the fault entirely, or a way to "bluff" the controller in thinking the weld controller is not faulted out, ever.

    I am self taught, and do not know much about the inner workings of the controller. I'm asking the kind and supporting community for help. This forum has helped me in the past.

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  • I've never done this before and I don't have a robot in front of me to test this, but you should be able to put the robot in handling mode from a controlled start. You'll definitely want to take an image backup and an "all of above" backup before trying this. I wouldn't be surprised if this wipes your masteting data, so be prepared to load sysmast.schools from the controlled start menu.


  • Skooter, I may not be able to do that. Only because the superiors that be, don't allow me a pc. They say I am to dangerous. No risk, no reward is my motto.

    Pdl, I will look into this option, and see if this is the best course. We should be done with the run in a couple days. Then they can allow me more time to fix the problem.

    I will be leaving what I find out here on the forum. I am not done with this, and it may help someone down the road if we can get this nailed down.

  • They don't allow me near a pc, they let me off easy on a few things, but when I did a master/Cal and lost six weeks of progress, they pulled the leash in. I could hand write notes and reply back with that info. However they know how dangerous I am, as I am not afriad to make mistakes and take responsibility for them. No risk no reward. Easier to ask for forgiveness then permission.

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