Installation of Coordinatefile import add-in in robotstudio

  • Hi there,

    I need to install and use the coordinatefile import add-in in robotstudio.

    So far I have downloaded the add-in and copied CoordinateFileImport.dll, CoordinateFileImport.pdb and CoordinateFileImport.rsaddin files into the ABB add-ins folder. I also got the option of Coordinatefile import in the Robotstudio.

    But after clicking on it, I am getting the following error:

    at CoordinateFileImport.CoordinateFileControl..ctor()

    at CoordinateFileImport.CoordinateFileRibbon.btnCoordinateFileImport_ExecuteCommand(Object sender, ExecuteCommandEventArgs e) in C:\Official\Developer Tools - Power Tools\TFS\Development\SourceCode\RSContent\DevTopics\DSP_Conceptual\Addins\FilesToUpload\CoordinateFileImport\CoordinateFileRibbon.cs:line 61

    Can anybody please help me to solve this problem? Thanks.

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