Communication with external PLC

  • Hello Community,

    I have a very silly question but unfortunately, I couldn't find the answer in all the Documentations which I have.

    I have Yaskawa Controler DX100 and need to send to the PLC a Double-Integer-Type of information. The PLC & the Controller are connected through PROFI BUS.

    I did already the registration of the Variable name but I don't know how to send it to the plc.

    for Example :

    SET D10 276871

    Now how can I share the Inhalt of D10 with the plc?

    Thanks indeed and Merry Xmas .

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  • Yaskawa robots work on an octal system, you can only send eight bits at a time. You need to brake the value of your D variable into smaller numbers (divide by 255) and send these smaller numbers to B variables that can then be sent to external outputs. In the PLC you need to then rebuild the numbers back into the value of the D variable.


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