KRC1 no connection to kernel system

  • Hello again, i finally put my vkrc1 (converted to krc1) in auto mode and it worked.

    well almost, every now and then it stops and after some seconds i get an error "no connection to kernel system"

    what could it be?

    i suspect it some connection issue between the teach pendant and the pc or it might be the hdd dying (since the pendant buttons become totally unresponsive (even e-stop)), but i could be way too wrong, and sadly i cant find any documentation on this error.

    anyone seen this before?

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  • It's not an issue between the KCP and the computer -- the KCP is a "dumb" device, just a screen and buttons.

    I don't recall seeing this particular error before, but my bet would be that communication is being disrupted between the Windows and VXworks/KSS halves of the robot's brain. On the older KRC1s, it was actually possible for Windows to blue-screen, and the robot to keep on running fine, b/c Windows and KSS were so loosely coupled -- Windows only handled the user interface, so the robot didn't need Windows working in order to operate.

  • so what part would be considered the "kernel"? (which will hopefully help me troubleshoot the issue)

    i am so confused right now. i thought the kernel was the computer... could it be the first board you see when you open the cabinet? because the is a kind of worn IDC cable going from it to the pc (not sure if it could do that anyway)

    is it even in the cabinet or is it in the robot? (though i think the only thing that goes to the robot is power for the motors and the encoder cables but still i could be wrong, no idea)

    if i understand what you are saying correctly though both parts are running on the hdd?

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  • but does this software run on the pc or on a seperate board?

    if it is on pc then i suspect a sync issue but if it is on an other board i can start checking connections

  • thanks to all of you for the info, i will troubleshoot from that and i will report back

    i will try capacitors and psu, cmos battery, hdd maybe even ram and see how that goes

    (i know none of them should cause it directly except ram but every one of them can result to system running with hiccups on the supply rails for the ICs which may be the cause of the issue, many times those things have caused mysterious behaviour on many machines)

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  • VxWorks/KSS runs as a virtual machine with Windows as the host.

    The "no connection to kernel" message could potentially come from either one. If it's a Windows-style pop-up message, it's almost certainly being generated from Windows. If it's showing up in the KSS message window, then it's coming from VxWorks.

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