J1 limits on ArcMate 120iB

  • I'm new to the world of welding robots so this is probably a dumb question - I see on the spec sheet for an arcmate 120iB that the J1 limits are +/-170°. Is this full range of motion actually achievable with all the hoses and cabling for a MIG process attached to the arm? Or is this just what a slick robot can do without ripping out it's internal cabling? What is a realistic range of motion for J1?

  • Yes, this is achievable from factory - actually, in the setup menu you can choose between +/- 170° or +/- 180°. When you receive a robot outfitted with a wire feeder from say Lincoln, they do not provide 4/0 welding cable. That is up to the integrator. I have never seen an integrator run it internally; it is a very thick wire and makes it more difficult to swap in production. I've only ever seen it run up J2 and usually connected to an extension plate on J1 for better reach. That being said, the only cables ran internally are Fanuc and are able to be used in that full range of motion.

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