KUKA KCP2 Key Switch

  • Hello fellas,

    Another quick question. On the American KCP2 there's no keyswitch to change the operation mode (T1, T2, AUT n EXT)

    On the German KCP2 this keyswitch exists, so my question is, what happens if I put a KCP2 with no keyswtich on a controller that used to have a KCP2 with keyswitch? I'm I gonna need to change the KSS or something, to have an option with operating modes, make the KCP2 with no keyswtich to work?

    Thank you!

  • Every KRC2 has that key switch. It's just that for some customers, the switch is on the cabinet, and for others, it's on the KCP (it's not a German/American thing). Additionally, some customers have T2 and/or AUT modes removed from the switch.

    Using a keyless KCP on a cabinet that has no mode switch won't work, without some creative re-wiring of the mode-select circuit.

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