KAWASAKI D controller Error D1512

  • Hi Kwaki

    I had an error D1513 on the same robot that you helped me fit a servo motor to a radial arm drill (January 2020 Controller D42F-A001 a ZX165U robot)

    I have looked through your replies on the thread June 24th 2019, and eliminated most of the things you suggest.

    None of the brake releases work (1-7), F4 was tripped but it is on now clear and I am sitting with another error (D1512) on all joints (1 to7). I have swopped boards, checked cables, swopped cables and the error persists. There is a small piggy back board (1KV-50) that looks like it may have taken a knock (see 1KV-50 pic) - there was a power surge here that affected 2 of our laser cutters as well. Any further ideas?

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  • 1KV board is just a current sensor/setting for an external axis, so I would be very surprised if that was causing your problem and that capacitor has a value of 10pF.

    F4 is the main circuit breaker that provides the low voltage AC secondary from the mains transformer to the bridge rectifier (MC Unit).

    Brake Power Supply:

    - Check all incoming phases, depending on your rotation, any loss will effect the secondary.

    - Secondary usually provides a range of 21-30 vac from the transformer.

    - F4 circuit breaker can suffer from dust ingress, so good air blast/contact cleaner to clean up.

    - If the above is ok, brake release switches should operate the brakes, even on a D1512 error.

    - This would confirm that the power supply side is correct.

    - This would confirm that the brake monitoring side is not functioning.

    Brake Power distribution and control is housed within the MC Unit:

    - Contactors, Pre-charge, Discharge and possible Safety Contactor (depending on version).

    - 1KQ Board which contains the bridge rectifier for brake supply and brake monitoring FETS.

    - 1KQ Board FETS provide current to brakes and feedback to say brakes are good/bad.

    There are various MC Units available that have different part numbers/revisions.

    They also have different coloured spots on them (unless they have been removed)

    Also the 1KQ board housed inside has different revisions.

    Also correct MC Unit and 1KP Board combination must be correct.

    Mismatches between old and replacements can cause brake line errors, so just swapping boards assuming they are the same, may introduce this problem.

    Therefore, I would check:

    - MC Unit part numbers match between old and new.

    - 1KQ Board part numbers match between old and new.

    - 1KP Board part number match between old and new.

    - Also check ALL boards and connections to 1KQ are secure and firmly locked into position.

    - Kawasaki connectors all have positive force locks (audible click) when in place correctly.

    Hope this helps.........

  • Ok, so error D1513 has reappeared, (there was a puff of smoke in the controller) ; F4 did not trip but I can't clear the error at all now. All I did was switch on the motor and pull in the dead man switch. I suggested that the boss get ahold of the agents here to come and sort it out.... Can't see anything burnt in the controller.

  • I would remove the MC Unit and disassemble it as this would be the likely source of the smoke.

    Before removing it, I would 'tug' test all the external cables to it as loose cables could attribute to 'cooking' components.

    - Inspect the 1KQ board for damaged/roached components.

    - Inspect and measure the pre-charge and discharge resistors for high resistance or being roached.

  • That's definitely not a good sign.

    Did you carry out any voltage checks and brake release button checks before like I suggested?

    Yes I did, all were normal/consistent, except for the brake release which was still not working on all joints (1-7)

  • Not much else I can advise on really as it could be anything now:

    - F4 provides the current for the Brake circuits to the MC Unit.

    - MC Unit (pre-charge/discharge resistors cooked which could cause the smoke).

    - 1KQ Board bridge rectifier short/open circuit which could cause the smoke).

    - 1KQ Board Brake Control FETS short/open circuit (which could cause the smoke).

    - X5/X5A umbilical harness (brake current to the motors) has conductor shorts internally.

    - Motor Brake Failure short circuit (which would damage the applicable FET on the 1KQ Board.

    Reviewing the time line leading up to this point, just suggests the problem is within the MC Unit.

    But could also be an external short circuit now on the brake lines to all/any of the motors.

    I would get a 24vdc power supply and disconnect X5/X5A umbilical and using the Troubleshooting Manual, carefully test each individual motor brake circuit eliminating the external short circuit theory.

    If all is ok that side, then it can only be MC Unit/1KQ Board related IMHO.

  • Well spotted.

    That part of the circuit is for brake voltage supply => 5vdc converter circuit (HRD050R6).

    This 5vdc line is used for the logic side for the FET monitoring feedback circuit.

    Never seen that part of the circuit fried before though.......

    However, it kind of make sense as that fried component is a PTC which is directly on the incoming rectified AC from the bridge rectifier and the cracked component is a zener diode.

    I think a replacement 1KQ is probably best.

    Unless you have an electronics guru to carry out some surrogate component exchanging......

    No idea of the values of those components though.........???

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a problem with 1KB/1RB board from D42F-D004 controller. This problem occurred on restart after a two-day downtime. Can someone help me? Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  • dovdor please create a new thread in future as this is not a related topic of this thread.

    If you have a replacement 1KB/1RB.

    - Power off.

    - Remove the suspect 1KB/1RB.

    - Transfer the 1GM from the suspect board to the replacement.

    - Set ALL dipswitches to the same as the suspect board (front and reverse of board).

    - Refit replacement.

    - Power back on again.

  • Kawasaki supply many different arms, and so they use generic Arm control boards (1KB/1RB).

    The 1GM board has to match the software model settings for the arm and because they have many arms, they have many variants of 1GM board, this is why I mentioned swapping the 1GM over.

    However if the replacement 1KB/1RB already has the same 1GM variant board fitted, there is no need to swap them over.

    ie if the replacement 1KB/1RB came from a working system with the same 1GM board fitted as that of the 1KB/1RB board you are replacing, then no need to swap the 1GM over.

    If there was an incompatibility with 1GM board, then an error occurs.

  • I would still try to change the 1GM module from the defective board to the good board, in this way I can figure out where the fault is.

    It is a very strange situation, I turned off the controller in working order and when I restarted it, after 2 days as I said initially, the errors mentioned above appeared directly.

    I can't explain to myself what happened during this time, in the situation in which the controller was completely disconnected from the voltage.

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