Is it possible to manage 2 KUKA sunrise cabinets in the same Sunrise WorkBench Project?

  • I am currently working on 2 iiwa 14s, the sunrise cabinet of each is configured on different IPs. To deploy changes I manually change the IP in the station setup and install them separately.

    I was wondering if there is a more efficient way to manage both the cabinets together? I see there is an option to add another cabinet and robot in the topology under but I get the error "Importing the property 'smartPAD Unplugging enabled' failed. You must configure exactly one controller." on saving.

  • No unfortunately it's not possible.

    One, you have to have each project for each cabinet, having different IP settings.

    Two, if you really mean to have exactly same project for both robots, install the project to one of the cabinet so both of the controller will have same IP. Then you can synchronize without changing project IP setting, but of course you need to unplug & plug an ethernet cable, can not use switching hub.

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